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Taylor Swift’s Childhood Home up for Sale for $1 Million

By David T. Valentin

Look out, Swifties! You might be able to live in Taylor Swift’s childhood home... if you have about $1 million to spare.

The famous American singer and songwriter grew up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania until 14 before her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee so that she could pursue her music career.

Insider notes, according to property sale history, the Swifts only paid $280,000 for the Georgian Colonial home.

The house has a very colonial feel, with a candelabra dangling from the main hall with what appears to be a dining room or reading room and a staircase twisting upstairs. Then we get a look at her dining room, which also has a chandelier dangling from the center of the room.

In the main living room is a cozy fireplace with plenty enough sitting room to entertain a quite a few guests, along with perfect natural lighting to brighten up the room during the day. Elsewhere in the house, there’s another, much smaller, room with a fireplace in the corner. The perfect room for some reading.

Moving into the sun room is another dining room, much more casual than the first, which leads to the back of the house where stone columns and an entrance overlook an incredibly spacious backyard with an inground pool and some gardening.

Oh, and did we mention the house also has a two-car garage along with a pretty big driveway?

While it’s cool the home is up for sale, it would be even cooler to open the house up for Airbnb rentals. I mean, between the massive amount of space, the pool and the garage, who wouldn’t want to have a little weekend getaway there?


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