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Taylor Swift Gives Eras Concert to Fans in Theaters One Day Only

By Lori Perkins

It’s probably too late for you to get a ticket to the national showing of Taylor Swift’s Eras concert tour in theaters throughout the country.

Late Thursday afternoon on August 31st, Swift announced that her sold-out concert would be available for one day only on October 13th in theaters. Within hours, all the seats in major cities were sold out. AMC Theaters reported on September 1st that the singer’s Eras Tour concert movie “shattered records for single-day advance ticket sales revenue,” with $26 million of tickets sold on Thursday.

This is probably really good news for theaters throughout the country as they are still recovering from the post-pandemic shut down, as well as preparing for a possible leaner 2024 as a result of the writers’/actors’ strikes that are still going on.

AMC also has some promotional bonuses for Swifties – the tickets come with a free mini-movie poster from the tours and fans can buy an official Eras popcorn tub for $14.99, as well as a collectible cup with a large fountain drink for $11.99.


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