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Students Surprise Teacher Over Zoom

By David T. Valentin

The coronavirus has certainly pushed the boundaries of people’s ingenuity and inventiveness in getting things efficiently done. For example, teachers all over the world have had to adapt to having remote-only classes done on virtual apps such as zoom and google hangouts. But despite our teachers working effortlessly to provide the best education, the adjustment hasn’t been easy for many. This, in a way, is how a teacher shows love for their job and their students.

Certainly, the resilience of teachers hasn’t gone unnoticed by their students. Now, I’m a firm believer in if you look for love you’ll find it. The news this year has been nothing but doom and gloom, and sometimes all that doom and gloom convinces people that there’s not much good in the world.

So here’s a heart-warming video of a few students setting up a surprise for their teacher over zoom.

At first, Dr. Brown looks through his zoom meeting to find that all of his students have turned off their cameras. “I’ve heard that; I’ve heard that in some classes nobody turns their camera on, including the instructor.” The professor is visibly upset and as the silence continues, he thinks he’s done something wrong.

“Seriously, is it my fault you have your cameras off?” He asks.

A student speaks up. She says, “Dr. Brown, we actually kind of wanted to do something…” The students then turn their cameras on, revealing a series of Thank You signs.


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