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Starbucks Tells the Stories of Their Queer Employees for This Year’s Pride Month

By David T. Valentin

Every year on the first of June, companies change their logos to rainbow in Pride solidarity, while also looking to capitalize on Pride month as they set up their pride products. Some companies fumble, creating products that look like they were made on Microsoft paint, printed on to a T-shirt or whatever, and then sold. Other companies impress with craft, unique tumblers or coffee cups everywhere.

For customers who collect Starbucks Pride merch every year they might be disappointed in finding out the company is not selling anything new this year. Instead, the company decided to share the stories of their employees and how their identity has shaped them.

On Starbucks Stories & News, the company posted three stories from their employees and their own coming out story. It’s unclear whether the company plans to continue releasing new stories every week, or whether these three stories are it. Considering Starbucks posted the stories on May 28th, it’s possible the company is planning to post more Pride stories told by their employees.

But as the Starbucks looks to be more inclusive within their company, they still spend tons of money on anti-union busting and even more now than ever considering the recent unionization attempts by Starbucks employees throughout the United States. While the company may have Pride for the LGBTQ+ community, where is the pride for the unions?

You can read the Starbucks Pride stories here.


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