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Romancelandia Raises Funds for Afghan Women and Haitian Hurricane Relief

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken from Adriana Herrera's Website

Right now, there are two online romance fundraisers taking place: Romance for Afghan Women has launched a 10-day online auction and Romance for Haiti is currently in the middle of their eight-day auction.

Both auctions are featuring a wealth of signed and limited edition novels, as well as zoom calls with authors and critiques, and incredible writing-related experiences.

Money raised by Romance for Afghan Women will be donated to Women For Afghan Women (WFAW), the largest organization in Afghanistan that advocates for women and girls and is largely run by (top to bottom) Afghan women. Authors N.S. Perkins and Mazey Eddings created the Afghan women’s romance auction.

According to The MarySue, Eddings explained why she and Perkins started this campaign, “This crisis is impacting every person in Afghanistan right now, not just women, but there’s also a nuanced level of uncertainty for women and how their rights will be impacted, and we wanted to honor and support them as best we could.”

Please visit, to see the many awesome items and experiences that are available.

The Romance for Haiti auction was organized by Adriana Herrera, an Afro-Dominican author and co-creator of the Queer Romance PoC Collective. Money raised will be donated to three Haitian nonprofits responding to the disaster: Ayiti Demen: Haiti Tomorrow, St. Boniface Hospital, and the Ayiti Community Trust. Ayiti Demen (based in NYC) supports FOKAL projects in Haiti focused on human development and economic sustainability for the local communities. Located in the southern peninsula of Haiti, St. Boniface is helping treat those injured as a result if the hurricane. Ayiti (the Haitian Creole word for “Haiti”) Community Trust provides long-term recovery initiatives and social services.

Said Herrara, “I am Dominican. Haiti and Dominican Republic share an island…As soon as the earthquake happened I felt like I needed to do something. I was watching for information on local non-profits operated by Haitians or members of the Haitian diaspora who I could support. Those three organizations are some of quite a few doing great work in Haiti.”

Please visit,, to see the awesome items and opportunities being offered.


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