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Post Pandemic, ClutterCore is Here

By Lori Perkins

Image taken from @IreneMyersPR

While we were in lockdown, everyone started out with ambitious home goals like trying to Marie Kondo their closets and/or jumping on the cottagecore band-wagon of cute, pseudo-Victorian home furnishings. But, let’s be real. That was just too much work, and as the pandemic dragged on, and we stayed in our apartments for 14 solid months, we realized the joy of cluttercore – and now, so has social media.

Cluttercore is not hard to define. It is organized chaos in a small space but with a personal flair. Many of the social media images posted online feature artists who have used their entire wall space as galleries, or collectors who have mounted pop culture eccentric assemblages throughout their interior spaces. It’s mismatched teacups and pillows and throws, sometimes in clashing patterns and color combinations.

Let’s face it; cluttercore is everything we wanted to do as teenagers in our spaces, with no one there to criticize!

No wonder people on social media are saying that this is the trend they’ve been waiting for. I know I have.


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