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Pete Davidson Dating Recently-Divorced Emily Ratajkowski, Of Course

By Lori Perkins

I was in the middle of writing my brilliant review of Almost Famous which I attended with four former rock’n’roll groupies and also met author Cameron Crowe that same night, but you’ll have to wait for that until tomorrow because there’s breaking dating news… serial hot babe dater Pete Davidson was seen holding hands with recently-divorced model/business woman Emily Ratajkowski.

According to gossip on Instagram, the couple was out being cozy in Brooklyn.

Pete recently broke up with Kim Kardashian, whom he had been dating for nine months. Emily and her producer husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, are getting divorced and she has been quite vocal on social media about looking for a new man. She recently posted a TikTok calling for “stepfather applications” for her 19 month-old son. She is seen dancing on a TikTok with the words “Me coming out of a sad girl day to check in on the stepfather applications in my DMs.”

Kim Kardashian’s friends and family told the press that dating Davidson renewed her confidence and gave her a new lease on life in the aftermath of her divorce from Kanye West, so maybe Davidson is just what the My Body author needs at this moment.

But the winning social media line of the day on Pete Davidson’s dating life comes from legendary singer Dionne Warwick who just tweeted, “I will be dating Pete Davidson next.” Let’s hope Davidson has the comic genius to make that a reality and we can read in tomorrow’s gossip posts that they were seen canoodling in Brooklyn!


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