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One Man’s Heartbreaking Divorce With his Sex Doll

By David T. Valentin

Unfortunately for some people love doesn’t always end with happily ever afters, even for people whose love is an imaginative one with a sex doll. That holds especially true for professional bodybuilder Yurii Tolochko who lives in Kazakhstan.

Tolochko popped the ultimate question on his silicone lover Margo back in 2019 and apparently, she said yes. The two had supposedly been dating for eight months before he asked her to marry him.

But after eight months of blissful love, their union came to a sad halt after Tolochko confessed he had been unfaithful to their union.

According to Tolochko, his partner began to break down and was in need of some repairs. While away at the repair shop, he scandalously cheated on her with a “different object.”

But Tolochko doesn’t seem too bothered for being the final wedge that drove his marriage to a divorce. In fact, the professional bodybuilder quickly entered into a new relationship with a, peculiarly unique type of sex doll named Lola.

Tolochko introduced her to his Instagram followers on March 10th with a video that really doesn’t need to be shown off even for the sake of educating the reader to this story. But, if you do wish to intimately meet Lola, you can check out Tolochko’s Instagram @yurri_tolochko. But, I’ll warn you, Lola is not your typical partner you’d meet at your local bar. Tolochko has certainly snagged himself a… special one.

If this story teaches anybody anything, beyond the obvious chuckle of the absurdity of it all, is that love truly is found anywhere and in anything.


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