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New Summit Observatory Experience Opens With Staggering Views of NYC

By Lori Perkins

Just in time for the holiday hordes that descend upon the city for Thanksgiving and Christmas, New York City has a new “must-see” experience. As a native New Yorker, I was extremely skeptical of yet another immersive experience that was designed to fleece tourists of visiting bucks, but the view at One Vanderbilt Summit is worth every penny.

Right around the corner from Grand Central Station, is the entrance to the new observatory where you go up so high that you tower over both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, as well as everything making up the city from the Hudson to the East River. I went at night, and the views were staggering.

In addition to the three floors of views, there is also a room with silver art objects by the artist of the moment Kusama, and a room of helium-filled silver balls for you to interact with.

There is a balcony floor, where you can purchase a drink, and eat a pretty delightful chicken truffle sandwich, and then take an elevator to an even higher elevation for even more breathtaking views.

The basic experience is about $40 ($34 for NYC residents), with add-ons for a drink and/or the elevator ride, which can bring the total to $90.

While a native New Yorker might not need the proseco and elevator experience, I would recommend the $40 viewing to almost anyone who loves New York.


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