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Mrs. Maisel’s Lenny Bruce is My New Wesley

By Lori Perkins

If you had told me that in 2022 we’d all be swooning over an actor’s portrayal of the real-life bad boy comedian Lenny Bruce as the ultimate love interest, I’d just laugh and wonder if recreational mushrooms had been legalized country-wide.

But here I am after watching the final episode of Season Four of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel thinking that the Lenny Bruce lines to Midge Maisel are the perfect declaration of love on par with Wesley’s “as you wish,” from The Princess Bride. He honestly just melted me, and I wasn’t expecting that because I know the real Lenny Bruce most likely left much to be desired.

But when a man as hot as Luke Kirby playing Bruce tells you, that “you are more important than God,” and your reply is “You paid attention,” and then he adds “To you. Always,” I’m done.

The character of Lenny Bruce has obviously been in love with Midge Maisel for multiple seasons, being her mentor and comedy godfather, miraculously showing up when she needs him, and letching after her just the right amount to not offend or push her away. It is so clear that he is the only one in her world who truly understands her, although, in the final scene between them in this season, he tells her that if she blows up her career “it will break my fucking heart.” That line and the delivery pierces me too.

I am soooo curious to see where the Palladinos (the husband and wife writing/producing team on behind the show) take this relationship. We know Bruce died of a drug overdose in 1966, but this season takes place in 1960, after Bruce was divorced.


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