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Mean Girls Jonathan Bennett and Husband Jaymes Vaughan Search for One Lucky Couple to Receive Dream

By David T. Valentin

Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett and his husband Jaymes Vaughan have teamed up with Maybelline New York to give one lucky couple a dream wedding at all-inclusive hotel Unico in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Jaymes Vaughan writes, “The idea was born when we were first denied our own wedding venue choice because we were gay... we realized we wanted to give another couple the chance to have their big day without any bumps like that in the road.”

Bennett and Vaughan are not only teaming up with Maybelline New York to create one lucky couple’s dream wedding, but they are also working with the Inclusive Wedding Alliance and bringing superstar queer wedding photographer Kelly Balch to capture the wedding!

The deadline has passed, so this is a bit of old news. But I figured with Mean Girls Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan working all sorts of gay magic in all sorts of different fields (see the couples awesome gay cruise around Europe), perhaps the chance to win your dream wedding from them isn’t just a once in a lifetime opportunity?


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