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McDonald’s launches Happy Meals for Adults

By Lori Perkins

Image taken from Mcdonald's

Sounds like a good idea, especially since we could all use a little extra happiness right now, but I was kind of hoping the meals would have bubble bath or bacon-scented soaps instead of the chance of four the Cactus Plant Flea “classic” McDonald’s figurines.

The adult boxes come with either a Big Mac burger or a 10-piece nugget meal, as well as fries and a drink for $10.

The cardboard adult boxes, which feature illustrations of the Golden arches, are said to be a call-back to patrons’ childhoods of happy meals.

The figurines are Grimace, the Hamburglar and Birdie, along with a new yellow-four-eyed "Cactus Buddy!" figure (Hamburglar has four eyes too).

I am sure they will be collectables, but not for me!


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