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Math Teacher Uses Pornhub to Teach Calculus

By David T. Valentin

In the age of the internet in every industry everyone has made a push to go digital one way or another. Some people go for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and now you can add Pornhub to the list.

Thirty-four year old math teacher Changshu started uploading his videos to Pornhub when Youtube didn’t garner him the mass audience he desired. So, last year he decided to do something different. Under the name changshu666 teaches calculus to everyone and everybody who will watch his videos, while using the slogan, “Play hard, Study hard.”

Changshu tried to branch out to other porn sites to gain an even wider audience, but because other porn websites do not allow non-adult content to be uploaded on their sites.

The math teacher has tacked in 7,500,000 New Taiwan dollars (which is equal to over $250,000 USD) per year and uses the money to create more math videos and to pay his employees who help him with his courses.

Now, he’s not the first to think of the innovative way to get his content out there. I’ve seen people upload TV shows to Pornhub, disguising them as porn videos, and I’ve seen some content creators use Onlyfans to provide information, such as therapists, to provide a free subscription to share helpful coping mechanisms.

I guess with the internet, there are ten minutes of fame for everyone.


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