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Let the Creative Juices Flow with These Perfect Gifts for the Writers in Your Life

By Olivia Haveron

Christmas is coming quicker than 2020 has seemingly passed this year and -- let’s be honest -- we have all struggled with finding the perfect gifts this year. And for the writer in your life, that might be especially more difficult. The year 2020, despite all of the chaos and unknowns, has given everyone more time to reflect on their own lives, and for many writers, including myself, this has provided more time to put our thoughts onto the written page.

No matter what your budget might be, finding the perfect gift for writers is much easier than writing the next bestseller. Now I’m not just simply talking about a new notebook or a new guide to writing. I mean the unique gifts that every writer wants, but doesn’t realize they need.

The first gift that might be perfect for a writer is Aqua Notes, the waterproof notepad. Listen, we all stand around and ponder in the shower: often getting lost in deep thoughts about one existential crisis or another. The best ideas -- I believe -- often get lost in the shower; one minute you create a masterpiece in your head, the next your getting out and forgetting everything. Instead of letting your ideas for your next story swivel down the drain, you can write your thoughts immediately down. Right now, the AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad sells for $9.50 on Amazon.

For the writer who also loves to sip on a cocktail every once in a while, Tequila Mockingbird finds the best of both worlds as the book features hundreds of cocktails named after classic novels. Not only will you be drawn in by drinks such as “The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose,” “A Cocktail of Two Cities,” or “The Last of the Mojitos,” but the clever commentary serves as “SparkNotes with a liquor license, trading out pop quizzes for popped corks.” The book has two counterparts -- Gone with the Gin and Are You There God? It’s Me Margarita -- each with new, exciting recipes for you to try.

Along the lines of recipes, The Little Library Cookbook presents a gift option for the culinary-inclined writer. The cookbook contains over 100 recipes from classics such as Rebecca -- with afternoon tea at Manderley -- or Paddington Bear’s marmalade. All of the recipes are the goodies that you read about and wish you could enjoy yourself. You’ll not only learn how to prepare these die-for meals, but also read food-related excerpts from your favorite books.

Next, for the Shakespeare nerd, such as myself, who loves throwing random insults into the air, the Shakespearean insult mug is perfect for anyone craving “a steaming hot cup of joe with a side of slander.” With Shakespeare in mind, the Shakespearean coloring book allows fans to color iconic scenes from the works of the world's greatest playwright. Each illustration includes references to settings, motifs, and details, accompanied by one or two lines of text.

If your budget is a little bit larger, you might be able to consider buying a Retro Typewriter Keyboard for $250. This is meant for the “writer who longs for the aesthetic bliss and satisfying songs of the old-fashioned typewriter, but would prefer to retain smooth keystrokes and internet access”. Plus, it plugs right into your tablet for easy use.

While these options might be the perfect fit for the writer in your life, there are still countless options for all of your writing needs. Reedsy compiled a full list of over 60 gifts for this upcoming holiday season. From room decor, to drinkware, to even a physical writers block, there are an endless variety of puny presents for the ultimate grammar and word nerd.


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