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Let’s Talk About That Giant Penis on TV

By Lori Perkins

No one I know was prepared for it.

We were all just casually siting down to start binging this season’s episodes of The Boys, the avowed not-your-parents’-Disney/Marvel superheroes TV show on Amazon, when we were introduced to Termite, an Ant Man-like supe, who is performing at some sex party where he grows to super height (and shows off his super-sized penis – offscreen). Amped on drugs, we then are shown Termite and his gay lover, who says “I want you inside me.” And he shrinks down and enters his lover’s penis. Never, in my wildest streaming dreams did I ever imagine I would see this kind of sex play even mentioned on non-porn, let alone featured on Amazon TV.

But wait. There’s more!

Not only are we given an ant’s eye view as Termite crawls through his lover’s very pink urethra (which was an 11-foot penis model, according to the trades), but then Termite holds back a sneeze, during which we realize how dangerous a sneeze would be…and then he does sneeze. They go there.

Many viewers commented that they were traumatized by the scene.

I certainly wasn’t prepared for it, but I am OK (thanks for asking).

Men’s Health has a subhead that reads, “It may just be the most disgusting scene in TV history.” Their headline was “We’ll Be Thinking About Termite’s Penis-Exploding Scene in The Boys for a Long, Long, Time.”

I think we all will.


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