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Kim and Pete are Kaput

By Lori Perkins

After nine months of bi-coastal L.A./Staten Island dating, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have announced their break up, but, of course, will “remain friends.”

The statement that was released to the public blamed their differing schedules and locations (he’s currently in Australia filming a movie), but we all know it must have been a combination of the Kanye West divorce stress (he released a music video where he thinly disguised a threat to kill Davidson) and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians crazy. The New York Post blamed their age difference – he’s 28 and she’s 41 – as the reason for the break-up.

The pair began dating after Kardashian appeared as the host of Saturday Night Live and they shared an on-air kiss in an Aladdin skit, which Kardashian reminisced had a certain “zing.” Davidson later added a tattoo of Jasmin and Aladdin to his growing body art gallery. He also had the words “My girl is a lawyer” tattooed across his chest to commemorate Kardasahian’s passing the California bar.

I guess we should pay attention to the new roster of female hosts on SNL this fall! Go Pete!


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