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Kellyanne and George Conway to Divorce

By Lori Perkins

Just days after The New York Times announced that former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was ordered to testify before the Manhattan DA in former President Donald Trump’s porn star hush money laundering scheme, the New York Post’s Page Six reported that she and George Conway will be getting a divorce after 22 years of marriage and four children.

The couple was publically at odds about their political beliefs with George a rabid anti-Trumper who was one of the founders of the Lincoln Project which was created to prevent Trump from becoming president, and then to expose his misdeeds and lies. Meanwhile, Kellyanne defended Trump 24/7.

Everyone wondered how the couple managed to stay together, especially when their oldest daughter went on TikTok last year and claimed that her mother was besting her and requested minor emancipation. Both parents stepped out of the spotlight after that, but Kellyanne has been back in with the Trump investigations, as well as pursuit of her own possible violations of the Hatch Act, which prevents government employees from promoting or benefitting from commercial products.

According to multiple reports the couple, who are technically New Jersey residents, have both hired lawyers and are in the midst of a settlement.

I think we all kind of feel it’s about time!


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