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Jonathan Majors Dropped by Management and PR Firms

By David T. Valentin

The rising star, Jonathan Majors, who scored possibly one of the biggest roles in this decade as Kang the Conqueror, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe do to abuse allegations.

Back in March, Jonathan Majors was involved with an abuse allegation. The altercation was reported in New York City after he had been charged with assault, strangulation and harassment inside a vehicle against his girlfriend.

Majors had immediately denied the allegations and there was early talk that the charges against the actor were going to be dropped outside of court. But that has not been the case.

Even after the rumors the case might be dropped, for several weeks there were no updates about the case either from Majors or any news outlets.

But just earlier this week, Majors has been dropped by his manager and any PR working with him. There have also been numerous anonymous reports that have stated there is a history of abuse with Jonathan Majors.


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