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Is Joe Jonas Considering Divorce?

By Lori Perkins

I don’t think any of us saw this coming, considering that just a month ago Sophie Turner, Jonas’ wife of four years and two babies, posted a happy birthday instagram wishing him “Happy Birthday, Handsome.” But something may be afoot.

An article in TMZ where this story broke tells us that “sources” say there have been problems in the marriage for the past six months. TMZ also reported that Jonas had been seen not wearing his wedding ring while going to the gym, but who knows if he always takes it off before he sweats for hours.

But Pérez Hilton reported that Jonas was wearing his wedding ring last night during his performance in Austen, Texas, so who knows.

Some of the media coverage has emphasized that Jonas has been taking care of the kids while Sophie tries to restart her acting career, which she put in hold to have the two children.


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