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I Went to Bed Bath & Beyond’s Going Out of Business Sale So You Don’t Have To

By Lori Perkins

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good sale – and I am a coupon queen. I had been wanting to go to the bug Bed bath & Beyond going out of business sale ever since they announced the stores were closing, because I have scored some awesome deals there with their 20% off coupons, which I have hoarded for years (I usually grab a stack for Christmas shopping and then pass out leftovers to surprised and charmed fellow purchasers on the line behind me because I believe in paying it forward-even if it’s backwards).

So I took the opportunity to shop yesterday. When I drove up to the local Yonkers store (my closest BB&Y) a frazzled woman driving a station wagon called out to me, “There’s nothing left!”, but I thought to myself, “She doesn’t know me.”

The store was fairly picked over, and no longer taking coupons. At first it looked like everything is just 10% off, which is no deal at all. For instance, sets of dishes were still running over $100 even with the discount.

But then I found gold. My son is a death metal enthusiast and I bought him a black throw with skulls for $4.97!

My best friend, who went shopping wi

th me, found gorgeous wooden linked Asian bathmats for $36.

I bought a dozen forever ice cubes for $4.

It was fun, but sad. Now I have to figure out where to exchange my used Soda Stream canisters, but I’ll figure it out.


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