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Grindr Does a Yearly Wrap-up

By David T. Valentin

As we wrapped-up our 2020 experience and all the things we barely did (if we anyone did anything), we turn to apps like Spotify and Apple Music curious about our yearly wrap-up in music. But what about our dating apps?

For the year 2020, and for the first time ever, Grindr decided to do their own yearly wrap-up event. Almost similar to the way Pornhub does their yearly review, Grindr took statistics from their users and put together little infographics based off the information given in a user’s profile--location, activity in specific locations, and even sex positions were taken into consideration.

Hysterically, Grindr issued a few paragraphs explaining how such information was gathered and why you should be a little skeptical of the information presented, namely because not everyone enters all of their information into their profiles.

So which countries had the highest percentage of tops? According to their infographic, Morocco, India, Nigeria, Chile, and Israel all ranked in the top five for highest percentage of tops. But there would be no fun if there were no bottoms. And so, the top five countries to lead in their percentage of bottoms include Vietnam, Sweden, Thailand, Peru, and South Africa.

Of course, there’s the ol’ switcheroo of a vers. The highest percentage of vers in a country belonged to Venezuela, Guatemala, and Argentina. But whether those vers’ are just bottoms disguised as tops, or tops disguised as bottoms, well we’ll never know. But we don’t judge!

For most users the USA, Brazil, Mexico, India and the U.K came out on top.

And for most active cities per capita, Washington D.C., Paris, Bogota, Santiago, and Houston were among the highest active cities. Which makes me wonder, how really busy are those politicians in Washington D.C.?

But among the facts of which countries had the highest percentage of tops and bottoms, the most interesting statistic was the most active time users are utilizing Grindr. Ironically? The winner was Sunday, the Lord’s day, you dirty, dirty sinners.


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