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Fun Halloween Drinks at Applebee’s

By Lori Perkins

There are only a few days left to try these fun concoctions.

Before the pandemic, this was one of my favorite Halloween treats, but the past two years kept me indoors. This year I was so glad to return to Applebee’s (and see one of my favorite Halloween drinks return, as well) – The Tipsy Zombie. But, like everything else post-pandemic, it costs more (it went from $1 to $6), but still a bargain, especially in New York City, where mixed drinks go for about $20.

The Tipsy Zombie is a rum-based blue frozen drink made from Bacardi Superior, passion fruit, pineapple, cherry, lime and melon liqueur topped with a gummy brain. The gummy brain has a bit of raspberry flavoring (blood?) and is surprisingly delicious.

The other drink offer is Dracula’s Juice, another frozen drink designed to look as though blood is dripping down the inside of the glass. The red and white drink is a combo of a margarita and a daiquiri with streaks of red berry sauce.


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