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Forget Bennifer. Who Are Jennifer Garner and Alex Rodriguez Dating?

By Lori Perkins

Let’s get this out of the way – they are NOT dating each other, but that would have been some wild romance novel revenge plot, right?

In case you have no idea why I have paired these two celebrities up, Jennifer Garner was married to Ben Affleck for a decade until their recent divorce, when he returned to his previous girlfriend of over a decade ago, Jennifer Lopez, who recently broke up with Alex Rodriguez. The Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pairing captured the media in the aughts and they were shipped as “Bennifer” and since they have rekindled their relationship, their kissing and hugging and groping has been all over the celeb rags and social media.

Meanwhile, all I ever see of Jennifer Garner, who has three kids with Affleck, are her commercials urging me to get a Capital One credit card. So I looked it up.

Turns out Jennifer Garner is in a fairly serious relationship with businessman, John Miller, who has two children from a previous marriage. Friends told US Magazine that they believe an engagement is in the near future.

Sports commentator and former Yankee Alex Rodriguez is dating Melanie Collins, an NFL sideline reporter. They were recently spotted in Spain, where Rodriguez celebrated his 46th birthday.


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