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Five Halloween Costumes you might be able to throw together last minute

By David T. Valentin

It’s that time of year again—the few days before Halloweekend where the days have shrank too short, at a loss of time and now you’re scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume. Luckily here at RDN we specialize in the art of last-minute-crafts so that we can help you pull off something effortless.

As always, we strive to show off our favorite ideas for some couple costumes, but all of these can, of course, be done solo. However much effort you put in to these is up to you, and only your imagination is the limit. That, and, of course, time.

1. Ken & Barbie

Now normally I don’t rank these costumes in order of importance, popularity or ease. They’re just five costumes I came up with off the top of my head while writing this article. What? You thought I would put more thought into this article when you’re not even putting much thought into your Halloween costume when you’ve had all year? I think that’s fair!

With Barbie-mayhem happening this entire year (and of course the honorable mention of Oppenheimer), it’s inevitable you’re going to see plenty of Barbies and plenty of Ken’s. Both are endless, really. What is it that Barbie hasn’t done that you can’t become on Halloween? Absolutely nothing! Barbie is endless, limitless and at times effortless, which is just what you need.

Want to be a doctor? A teacher? A dragon slayer? A witch? Barbie has it all! And well, Ken can too, if he just realizes he’s Kenenough. Barbie and Ken work for everyone too. Heteros and gays alike! Pair a Barbie with a Barbie; a Ken with a Ken. Or maybe get creative and pair Barbie with Allen. Or perhaps Ken and Allen? Like I said: endless possibilities.

2. Last Girl Icons

Last girls are truly timeless icons—the last survivor of a horror movie, only to transcend time until they become a cultural icon in our zeitgeist. Who doesn’t love a last girl?

Of course, Last Girl costumes are classics and iconic, so why include something so seemingly obvious in a Halloween Idea piece? Well, first and foremost: the costume can be as extravagant or as quickly put together as you would like. Buy some fake blood, maybe some temporary hair dye or a wig, slash up your clothes and you’re good to go!

But I thought this year was particularly important to include a Last Girl entry. With the rise of feminist horror with films like X, Pearl, Ready or Not, Midsommarr, Jennifer’s Body, Alien, Carrie, Love Witch… the list is endless and so are the possibilities. Not to mention that, over the past two or three years, I’ve seen a slew of some of these costumes out and about on Halloweekend. And who doesn’t love being instantly recognized by dressing up as a classic, last girl?

3. Everything Everywhere All at Once

I know, I know, I know this movie came out last year all the way in March, but can you blame me for wanting to try and keep such an iconic, instant classic relevant for as long as possible?

It’s safe to say Everything, Everywhere All at Once captivated the hearts and souls of most of its viewers with its deep, philosophical thematic absurdism grounded in a mother/daughter story that made even the hardest of hearts cry.

Ripping and tripping through the multiverse, the costumes in Everything, Everywhere All at Once weren’t just absurd—they were memorable and iconic. From universes filled with rock people, hot dogs for hands, and the iconic movie star Evelyn, there’s a costume in there for everyone.

4. Our Flag Means Death

Given the beautiful success of the first season, and the release of the second season this year, Our Flag Means Death has quickly become a must-see for LGBTQ+ media fans. I’m still guilty of not watching but in my defense I have quite a ton of TV that I need catching up on.

There’s always one or two pirate costumes roaming about during Halloweekend. They’re fun, easy, and as effortful or effortless as you’re willing.

5. Star Wars

Yes, I am a huge fan of Star Wars so I had to include it here.

Star Wars has seen a bit of a renaissance as of recently, with the return of Hayden Christensen returning for projects like Obi-Wan last year and Ahsoka this year, the hit that was Ahsoka, the Bad Batch season 2, The Mandalorian season 3, and the announcement of another trilogy past the Skywalker Sequel trilogy. Whether you hate the prequels and sequels or love them, Star Wars costumes are always a popular one.

I’d also say Star Wars costumes can be done really great even last minute… unless you’re feeling a bathrobe and a weapon, then we’re not judging!


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