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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Gets a Comic Book

By Lori Perkins

When this press release announcing that Dr. Biden was getting her own comic book hit my email, I was filled with joy. I love it! I only wish I was still a kid, so my parents could buy it for me.

The comic book, published by TidalWave Publishing, is on sale today, April 7 (you know tomorrow’s my birthday, right?). It’s part of their popular “Female Force” series focused on women who make an impact around the world. So far, the series has issued comic books featuring the likes of Mother Teresa, Kamala Harris, Tina Fey, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama, Barbra Streisand, Ayn Rand, Cher, Dolly Parton and Gloria Steinem. TidalWave says their “Female Force” imprint features prominent and influential authors, business executives, entertainers, journalists, politicians and activists and currently offers an ever-growing library of more than 200 comic book biographies.

“We believe that it is important for readers to have inspiring role models, to learn about extraordinary individuals that have overcome challenges to make a difference in the world. That was the thought process Darren G. Davis went through before creating the comic book series “Female Force.”

Writer Michael Frizell, an educator at Missouri State University in Springfield, the author of the Biden comic book, said, “Jill Biden is an educator like me, making this script easier for me to research than some of the assignments I've had from TidalWave. When I write these scripts, I think of the comic like a photo album. With roughly 20 pages to work with and about five pictures per page, how can I tell Jill Biden's story in one hundred pictures?”

The comic book is 26 pages ($3.99 on as an ebook and $6.99 as a paperback) and is already #8 in Teen & Young Adult President & First Family Biographies on Amazon as of this writing. There is also a 44-page paperback coloring book for $11.99


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