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Did Madonna Just Come Out as Gay?

By Lori Perkins

Twitter was ablaze with comments about Madonna’s latest TikTok where she might have been making a statement about being gay. In the very brief five-second video, the iconic star wears what looks like her vintage white corset from her “Like a Virgin” days with magenta hair and throws a pair of hot pink panties at a garbage basket saying, “If I miss, I’m gay.” She misses, and proceeds to strike a pose.

So everyone was wondering if she was making a statement. Some were saying she’s always been too straight, with two marriages to two men, and multiple relationships with so many other people of the male persuasion. Yes, there was the kiss with Britney Spears and another with Christina Aguilera, but it’s not like she moved in with either of them.

Some commented that it’s not as if you get a formal invitation to gayness and accept publicly.

But others noted that Madonna has always been gay, in that she was an early and public ally during the beginning of the AIDS and has been an iconic gay figure for decades.


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