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Couples in Love Return to American Politics

By Lori Perkins

It was such a joy to watch the swearing in and virtual inauguration ceremony yesterday. I was giddy as I watched Vice President Harris and First Gentleman Emhoff hold each other during the closing fireworks display over the Washington Monument or President and Dr. Biden come out to the White House balcony together, arms around each other. I think there might have been some playful kissing too.

And then I saw the Florida footage of an annoyed, sun-glassed Melania walking ahead of her husband as he stopped to wave at supporters, almost as if she’d had enough of him for her entire lifetime. It was such a contrast to the couples above.

It also made those recent news stories about how the President and First Lady would be sharing a bedroom in the White House stand out, as we learned that Melania had slept in the Presidential suite while Donald had spent the nights in a downstairs room watching TV alone every night. Not that any of us were surprised by this conformation.

I’m reading Barack Obama’s tome, A Promised Land, right now, and I was also struck by how much he loves his wife (and kids) and how much I missed that in a leader. It will be so good to know we have people in charge who are loved and can give love. This sets the tone for the country and was so sorely missed.


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