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Celebrity Costumes That Stole the Internet’s Attention

By David T. Valentin

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite done with swooning over some incredibly amazing celebrity costumes. As the week goes on, we get to see more and more celebrity costumes, some creative, some spooky and some downright funny.

Last year, Robert Irwin went as a young Luke Skywalker, equipped with a Jedi robe, green lightsaber, and even a little Pug dressed up as an adorable Yoda slung up in a backpack. Irwin’s costume replicated the young Skywalker’s training on Dagobah in the fifth movie of the Star Wars series, The Empire Strikes Back. This year, he once again wowed people with a president Loki costume along with gator Loki replicated by... well, a real alligator.

Robert wore the iconic president Loki outfit, equipped with a beige coat, the presidential pin and Loki’s iconic curled horn headpiece. In pictures, he held an alligator in one hand, dressed also in the iconic Loki headpiece and Loki’s dagger in the other.

For this year, Steve Buscemi had the whole internet laughing at his own meta costume replicating the famous “How Do You Do Fellow Kids” meme. The meme follows a scene from season six, episode 30 of the TV series Rock. As Buscemi’s character goes undercover at a high school, he dresses up in a ‘90s get up, red sweater, backwards hat complete with a skateboard. The joke is hilarious because the 55-year-old actor clearly looks out of place amongst his high school peers and even more hilarious as the joke was used as a meme to mock a person who feels out of place because of their age.

As we’ve reported on All Hallows Eve, Lizzo hilariously dressed up as Baby Yoda, with green make up, pointed ears, adorable Jedi coat and all. She took to the streets to take pictures with fans and to just have some spooky fun.

Of course, Lil Nas X went over the top and beyond for the Hallo-weekend. On Instagram, Lil Nas X posted a photo where he paid homage to the Nickelodeon hit show, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, with his very own Nas’ Declassified School Survival Guide. His second costume, which he posted to his socials, was a bit more impressive. With makeup done, full wardrobe and all, Lil Nas X replicated Voldemort, no nose and all.

While Charlie XCX and Cardi B both dressed up as Morticia, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen dressed up as the whole Addams family.

Even Paul McCartney took the time to dress up, donning up a skull-biker look and posting it to Instagram.


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