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Carmen Electra Joins Only Fans at 50

By Lori Perkins

I can’t imagine she needs the money, so it must be for the attention and the freedom of expression.

According to the gossip page of The New York Post, her OnlyFans will get “exclusive access to fun, edgy and playful content.”

The NY Post wrote that Electra was inspired to reconnect with her fanbase after she turned 50 in April and is looking forward to this “new, celebratory chapter of her life.”

People quoted the star as saying it was a "no brainer" for her to join the adult content subscription service. "I, for once, have this opportunity to be my own boss and have my own creative vision to share with my fans without someone standing over me, telling me, 'Don't do this, don't do that. Cover up this,'" she said.

Electra shared a steamy photo of herself lying in bed and teased on her Instagram account, “Wednesday! I have a huge announcement only for my fans. Are you a fan? ”

According to the NY Post, Electra might have been inspired to join OnlyFans after searches for her on PornHub skyrocketed following her appearance in the ESPN docu-series The Last Dance. Last month, Electra marked her 50th birthday with a sexy bikini photo shoot.


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