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Caitlyn Jenner to Run for Gov. of California?

By Lori Perkins

You might have missed this in between the Matt Gaetz sex scandal and Infrastructure Week, but in light of the recall election maneuvering currently going on in California regarding Governor Gavin Newsom, there’s the possibility that former Olympian and transgender reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, 71, just might throw her hat into the gubernatorial ring. The real shocker is that even though she has personally experienced the hostility of Republican politics towards transgender people, she is still choosing to explore this terrain as a member of the GOP.

According to news reports, Jenner, a longtime Republican, is being advised by Brad Parscale, Trump’s former campaign manager, who was arrested in September for drunken behavior in Florida before resigning from the Trump campaign.

So maybe this will just be another chapter in another reality TV show? After all, her stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, was married to Kayne West when he decided to run for President against (?) Donald Trump.

As a point of reference, this is not the first time celebrities have decided to run for Governor of California in a gubernatorial recall election. In 2003, the roster of possible gubernatorial candidates included the actor Gary Coleman, adult film actor Mary Carey and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.

And Gavin Newsom continues to be extremely popular with voters in the State, so there may not even be a recall election.


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