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Book Review: The Hourglass Throne Book 3 of the Tarot Sequence Series by K.D. Edwards

The Hourglass Throne

Book 3 of the Tarot Sequence Series

By K.D. Edwards

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

Urban Fantasy


Life has been getting increasingly difficult for Rune Sun as he takes on greater, scarier threats as the Tarot Sequence series progresses. As he struggles to be an Arcana, one of the ruling leaders in New Atlantis, while discovering ancient enemies and a conspiracy surrounding the downfall of his father’s court, the return of Lady Time, the heir to the once dismantled Hourglass Throne, changes everything Rune knew about his life and what’s to come to him and his loved ones.

The stakes are high in this book, as Lady Time threatens to use forbidden magic—time, necromancy, and storm—to upend New Atlantis so she can once again claim her ancestral homeland. While many fantasy novels sometimes suffer from upping the stakes, The Hourglass Throne keeps up with its character driven narrative, making sure to remind readers this is a life these characters choose as many of them can, if they want, simply run away.

Through the fast-paced narrative of The Hourglass Throne, K.D. Edwards continues to characterize his character’s relationships between one another through witty and emotional dialogue that will have readers laughing and crying in between every jaw dropping moment. The character development isn’t just saved for the main characters. As Rune meets new people, we delve into character’s backstory, the history of ancient courts and the lore behind the magic of Atlantis as a whole. The world and the characters really open up in this book, befitting of a villain who’s willing to use the most dangerous of magics to get what she wants.


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