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Book Review: The Guardians of the Sunstar and Moonstar (#1) by Sylvie Gionet

The Guardians of the Sunstar and Moonstar (#1) by Sylvie Gionet

Reviewed by Cardyn Brooks

SciFi fantasy romance


Twenty-something astrophysicists Gabrielle Gibbor and Michael Abba are primary team leaders at the Texas Observatory run by Dr. Ben Knight. While he’s away from the facility strange things start happening in the cosmos. Gabrielle and Michael set out to investigate, which sets off a chain of fantastical events that require the international community to pool their intellectual and other resources.

The solid premise of The Guardians of the Sunstar and Moonstar wobbles from the beginning of the story until it mostly stabilizes by chapter three. Around the midpoint is where the characters, parallel storylines, and themes establish and maintain coherence, which allows readers to focus on this intriguing modern parable that suggests hard sciences and mystical occurrences are not mutually exclusive. In addition to obvious homage to Guardians of the Galaxy a bit of Star Trek Discovery and Wonder Woman plus spins on the Creation story from the Christian Bible and riffs on assorted ancient mythologies, sacred pagan rituals, tarot and more offer a provocative amalgam of inspired SciFi fantasy.

With almost as much telling as showing, the romantic elements read as mandated plot points rather than as organically evolving developments. There are information gaps and sudden info dumps along with flat dialogue. “Amazing" and its variants get used with high frequency. Overall, this first installment of what has the potential to become a noteworthy series would benefit from a rigorous edit for cohesiveness and clarity. Gabrielle and Michael's adventures are filled with signs and portents of good things to come. The same is true for this author's writing future.

Published by BooksGoSocial, December 29, 2020