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Book Review: 'Heartbreak Boys' by Simon James Greene

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

Heartbreak Boys

By Simon James Green

Narrated by Joe Jameson & Andrew Fallaize

Teen & Young Adult


Heartbreak Boys is a perfect opportunity to create an adorably classic teen romcom packed full with hilarity, teenage love angst, and wholesome, adorable moments that’ll promise you smiling from cheek to cheek.

Heartbreak Boys revolves around two gay teenagers, Nate—a bit of an angsty, shy teenager who struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality—and Jack—a fabulously proud gay teenager who refuses to let the bullies get him down. The two haven’t been friends in a while, not close at least. But when the two get caught up involved in a cheating scheme between both their boyfriends, Nate and Jack somehow find themselves on a spontaneously, sort of planned road trip with Nate’s family where hilarity and hijinks ensues. In an attempt to make their exes jealous, the two form the Heartbreak boys Instagram, an attempt to show off how much fun they’re having single. Along the way, the two rekindle their friendship along with a hint of becoming perhaps something more?

When I say Heartbreak Boys will have you genuinely cackling, I mean the book will have you genuinely cackling. The book is filled with hilarious moments that’ll have you thinking how awkwardly funny—and messy—your own teenage years might have been.

What I enjoyed most about Simon James Green’s writing is how natural he is at inserting these bits of more wholesomeness in an otherwise hilarious situation. As Nate tries to get over his ex, Jack tries his hardest to make Nate happy but all while screwing it up and somehow making the situation better and funnier? While the book is a bit of a romance story, it is also very much showing off how precious of a moment it is to be a teenager between all the angst and drama of it all.


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