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Best Thing About Watching the Queen’s Jubilee-Tea with Paddington Bear

By Lori Perkins

I’ve been kind of done with the Queen since watching The Crown, and seeing the way the rest of the royals treated Harry and Megan. I understand that she’s been a constant to the British for 70 years, and that there was a time when she was forward-thinking, but that is so far in the past now. And Diana.

So I wasn’t really riveted to the pomp and circumstance of the three-day Jubilee celebration even if Adman Lambert’s Queen opened the concert in front of Buckingham Palace and Diana Ross closed it.

But then I heard a commentary about what a great sense of humor the Queen still has referring to a video she made where she has tea with the children’s book character Paddington Bear. She has had mobility issues recently, so the talking heads said this was her way of ensuring that she was seen at her Jubilee (but she did make it to the balcony on the last day). So I wanted to see this video.

And it was delightful.

Here it is for your enjoyment as well.


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