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Are We All Watching History of the World, Part II?

By Lori Perkins

We’ve waited 42 years for this new series that Mel Brooks, now 96 years old, just launched on Hulu which is essentially the sequel to History of the World, Part I, where he brought as such amusing and memorable sketches as the musical Spanish Inquisition and his “It’s Good to Be the King” performance. Taking the same format as History of the World Part I, basing comedy sketches inspired by historical events, this time Brooks has paired up with a bevvy of our favorite contemporary comedians (Wanda Sykes, Johnny Knoxville, Nick Kroll, David Black, etc.). The series will run eight episodes, with a new episode premiering every night, starting on March 6th.

Now, you might think that with 42 years to think about it, every sketch would be comedy gold, but that’s not the case. There’s lot of gold in here – my favorite is the ‘70s sit com starring Wanda Sykes as Shirley Chisholm ala The Jeffersons - but there’s also some that almost hit the high note, and a few that don’t. But there is humor in all of it, and sometimes it’s just in the title alone, such as the “Curb Your Judaism” series of sketches.

For me, some of the things in The History of the World, Part I, were very much of its time, and are now thankfully are gone, like the awkward racist and sexist humor (wink, wink).


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