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An Among Us Love Story: Pandemic Romance Through Gaming

By David T. Valentin

They say love finds its way some way or another, and that held especially true during the pandemic. With a few people getting clever, like flirting with their neighbors from their windows across the street or finding love through TikTok, it’s no surprise that people coping with the pandemic found the video game Among Us as a great way to meet their romantic partners.

What is Among Us? If you haven’t had the chance to play Among Us, download it on any app store, ask a few of your friends and watch the hilarity begin. Afterall, what better way to learn than trial by fire?

Among Us is a game of imposters and crew mates. The gameplay goes like this. Up to eight players can play the game as little astronauts on a map. Could be a spaceship, a landing sight, or a home planet. Regardless, crew members must complete set tasks throughout the game, but there’s a catch. A few of your crew mates are imposters faking the tasks and sneakily killing your crew mates. At the end of every round, if either an emergency meeting is called or a body is found, the crew meets to discuss who may be the imposter(s). By the end of the discussion round, the crew must either vote to eject a member of their crew under the suspicion they are the imposter, or pass the round and continue on with their task. The game ends when either all the imposters are dead or have killed the entire crew. Crew members can also win by completing all their tasks.

You might ask, how could someone possibly find their romantic partner in a game where trust hangs on a thread?

In a video posted on TikTok Karly Queen, username karlagarcia999, shows viewers a cute video montage set to the song “If You Let Me” by Sinead Harnett ft. Grades while she shows us the blossoming of her romance.

The two had met in a random game, started talking and changed their names to match each other. They decided on the names SharkBoy and LavaGirl and dressed accordingly in blue and pink. The two followed each other everywhere, either completing tasks with one another or killing some crew mates. At one point, SharkBoy even defended his romantic love towards LavaGirl when a few of the other crew mates were flirting with her.

In a video captioned as “pt. 2 our love story” the pair exchanged Instagrams and started talking a little bit about each other, what their ages were, where they lived, and if they should meet up. Adorably, the two even Facetimed.

Later In a pt. 3 the pair actually met up! The two can be seen in a car together, Karly with flowers and the man’s name, Marzstruck on TikTok, by her side. He even gave her some roses!

Then in a pt. 4, apparently the last part in their love story, the two can be seen kissing on live feed to the song “Electric Love” by Madalyn.

Although the couple has not posted a pt. 5 of their love story, it is presumed that the two of them have since ended things and have gone their separate ways.


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