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Alice Through Central Park

By Lori Perkins

I am a life-long Alice in Wonderland fan, so when I saw that there was an outdoor Alice game set in Central Park by Clueedup (and there were discounts), I eagerly signed up. One of my editors, and my assistant publisher joined me on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving holiday, as we met at Bethesda Fountain to follow an app where “teams” (up to six players) answered trivia and followed a map along the park to solve clues based on the book.

It turned out that Saturday was a glorious day weather-wise, so the park was filled with little girls dressed as Alice and not so little girls dressed as Cheshire cats and playing cards. There were quite a few Mad Hatters as well.

Many of the statues in the park were repurposed as characters in Wonderland, such as Mother Goose as a female blacksmith. The game was quite clever and fun, but after two hours of traipsing through the park a little exhausting, so we left before we finished. The game was timed, and the winning team was granted a meal at the renowned Central Park Restaurant Tavern on the Green.

We headed to the nearby Alice’s Tea Cup where we shared a tower of tea-time treats such as scones and sandwiches and chocolate chip mocha cake.

A perfect, memorable New York City day.

If they do it again next year, I’ll be one of the first to sign up (and the experience is available on Connecticut and Long Island, so don’t be late!)


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