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Hallmark Announces That They Are Getting on the  Gay Christmas Movie Bandwagon This Year

Suddenly there are LGBTQ Christmas movies aplenty, which may be the only good thing we can say about 2020!

In addition to the Lifetime channel’s forthcoming The Christmas Set-up, which will star real-life gay couple Ben Lewis and Black Lee, and the major studio release of Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis’ lesbian The Happiest Season, Hallmark has announced that their own Christmas House will feature a gay couple returning home for the holidays.

The movie, which stars gay actor Jonathan Bennett, who older millennials fell in love with in Mean Girls, is set to air November 22nd. In traditional Hallmark fashion, this is a family ensemble, so there are multiple couples, and multiple love stories. According to the published plot synopsis, our gay couple has been summoned home for the holidays as they manage the adoption of their first child, while a returning brother reconnects with his (female) small town high school sweetheart.

The film will also star Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, and Brad Harder.

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