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The New Normal of Dating During Quarantine

It’s been a difficult four and a half months for the world as the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a constant struggle between unknowns and social distancing. In both cases, what has really occurred is a four-month dry spell of romance that for many makes them feel as if they will be alone forever. But all is not lost! Finding or reinvigorating love is not dead during COVID-19 and actually a lot easier than most would expect.

One dating coach from Pittsburgh Barbara Klein, owner of The Best of You, Dating and Life Coaching LLC., states that dating during this time is not impossible. Her first piece of advice is to chat with potential partners online for a few weeks before moving onto the video chat. When you eventually move to that new phase in this virtual relationship, find something you can do together over video call together: make a meal, play video games, anything to keep you guys engaged.

And this could make your dating life feel more normal, which is difficult during this time, maybe as if you were talking in a restaurant or getting a drink. If you finally do want to meet in person, Klein says, date from six-feet apart to be extra safe.

When it comes to dating with someone you're already in a relationship with, there are many options. For one couple, that means re-creating the movie theater experience in their own home. Writer T Kira Madden tweeted that her wife, Hannah, recreated the experience of going to the movie theater, including the usher outfit, snacks, pre-roll film. She even went as far to take her drink order like some theaters do.

Other people who have also done this have found solace in this simple, yet involved activity. It livens up the home life, making it more exciting than the normal home might be. But also “preparing gives you something to do,” allowing you to work hard for a purpose of enjoyment afterwards

Celebrities have even been giving advice on dating in this new world. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have shared a list, all based on their own couple’s quarantine date list titled after their new song “Happy Anywhere.” Some of the ideas on this list include: Movie Marathon Nights, Wine Tastings, Karaoke, Invite Family Over (safely), Bake something sweet, and Go for a walk All of these are basic ideas, yet sometimes the most simple are the most enjoyable.

Even though we do not know when the pandemic will end and we can return to our normal lives, that does not mean our dating lives have to suffer as well. There are many options as to how to properly, and safely, date… Corona Style. Whether you are just meeting a potential partner for the first time, or you're celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, love will never fade, even in quarantine.

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