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Under Cover Gay Spy in The Bachelorette

We all love a good, fresh twist on an old thing. For example, recently TikToker Luke (username @luke_at_me_now) went viral for his concept of an undercover gay spy for the hit TV series The Bachelorette. Yup, you read that right. Your mind’s probably racing, what would a gay undercover spy look like on the show? What would be the function of such a role?

As Luke explains in his TikTok, the role of the undercover gay spy would go like this. Basically, none of the other men would know this particular man is gay. He’d get to know the guys, become their friends and see the guys in their true colors when they’re not looking to snag up the bachelorette.

But then… unbeknownst to the men, the gay spy is actually giving the bachelorette all the juicy gossip.

Of course, Reddit got thinking and talking and there does seem to be some downsides to the idea. As a few redditors pointed out, it’s possible some of the men might be homophobic. As one redditor wrote, according to PinkNews, “It’s a cool idea but every season after you implemented it would turn into a homophobic Salem Witch Trial situation.”

Fair point. But then another redditor jumped in and said, “The first guy to figure him out, keep it a secret, be totally cool with it, and make friends with him has the inside track and would be the instant clear favourite.”

Starting to sound like a Survivor type game show now. It would certainly add a spicy layer to the whole show and I might actually think of watching it, or maybe even go so far to apply as the undercover gay spy?

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