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Scottish Mansion Sold for $155,800 with a Starting Bid of $1

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Who amongst us hasn’t fantasied about owning a spectacular mansion in Scotland that looks like a castle? Or at least having a holiday in one? Well, here’s the story of a mansion that was auctioned off Scotland, and the bid for it started at $1.

The mansion--called The Elms–in Arbroath, Scotland is a two-story French gothic building that needs a lot of work, but is awesome. According to the listing by in the National Property Auctions, it’s a “fantastic opportunity for a builder/developer to purchase,” because it’s in poor condition throughout and is on an at-risk register. The building was going to be developed into six apartments and five houses, but the conversion plan fell through. Designed by the Scottish architect William Leiper, the building was formerly operated as a hotel until World War II. “It was requisitioned by the War Office before becoming a children's home of the World-Wide Evangelisation Crusade,” the description reveals.

Let’s keep an eye on these listings and maybe we can buy one of these for our new offices after this is all over?

Here’s the original listing:

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