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The Wedding Files

photo by Joseph Lin Photography

So, one of the things I do when I’m getting blue and frustrated due to the inertia that lockdown has placed upon us is find articles about interesting weddings, especially those that are taking place in this time of Coronavirus.

I thought I had hit a gold mine when I found the headline “The Indian Wedding that Stopped Traffic on Fifth Avenue” with the pull quote, “Hordes and hordes of tourists were elbowing our family out of the way to film Tyler on the horse.” As soon as I got to the article, and saw the 16 photos of this three-day wedding extravaganza at the Plaza Hotel, I realized it did not take place during the pandemic, but it was so lush and opulent and just plain lovely to read, that I was thrilled to have found it.

Then I went back to the page I had found it on and saw another mesmerizing wedding headline “A Night at the Philadelphia Museum of Art” with a couple in wedding attire kissing in front of masterpieces and the pull quote “The flowers were specially treated to protect the masterpieces.” This appealed to me especially since I have a B.A. in Art History and never even imagined getting married at The Met (but now I have and will write a short story or use it in a novel, I swear!). And, of course, this wedding didn’t take place during lockdown either.

And then there was the headline “The Two childhood Sweethearts who Eloped to the Mountains” with the tagline “Their Families Joined Later for Hotpot and Cake.” The photos were amazing!

But I was hooked.

And you can be too. New York Magazine’s The Cut has a wedding section titled The Wedding Files where all these great real life fairy tale weddings can be found. Unlike the wedding announcements in The New York Times, they are written to entrance and have many photos. It’s worth an afternoon’s indulgence.

You can find The Wedding Files here.

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