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British Nurse and Doctor Marry in Hospital Where They Work

Source: Guy and Saint Thomas'

A British doctor and nurse who had canceled their wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic found a way to reschedule their wedding at the hospital where they work.

Jann Tipping, an ER nurse, and Annalan Navaratnam, an acute medical doctor, had planned to get married in August, but had canceled because they feared their family members wouldn’t be able to travel at that time. But the couple were able to have family members from Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka attend because they live-streamed their hospital wedding.

The wedding ceremony was held inside the chapel at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. Reverend Mia Hilborn officiated and held a service. The couple told BBC News that they had decided to hold it “while everyone was still healthy.”

Dr. Navaratnam said they were "so happy that we have been able to commit ourselves to one another."

While the wedding was unconventional, the couple shared a first dance and speeches.

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