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Divorce in the Time of Corona: Mary Kay Olsen Files for Emergency Divorce

As a divorced woman myself, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be stuck in lockdown with someone you can barely stand. Well, Mary Kay Olsen, one of the actors/fashion empire twins from “Full House,” has shown us the way.

After five years of marriage to her much older husband (who is the half-brother of the former president of France), Olsen filed for an emergency divorce this week because her banker husband had informed her that he wanted her out of their Greenwich Village apartment by May 18th, which she does not want to do until a divorce has been granted. She was fearful that her son-to-be ex-husband would “disappear” some of her personal property, or their joint property. According to TMZ, lawyers for the former child star said her husband had terminated the couple’s lease without her knowledge.

Olsen was prevented from starting divorce proceedings in April due to the moratorium on non-emergency criminal and civil court matters due to the pandemic shutdown in New York City.

Olsen filed paperwork for an emergency divorce with the New York Supreme Court last Wednesday. New York City’s courts are have recently began operating online due to the coronavirus lockdown, which N.Y.’s Governor Cuomo has extended until June 13th. However, her motion was denied.

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