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Disney Releases Olaf Short Film “Sunrise”

While Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida has been shut down amidst fears of Coronavirus, Disney continues to bring magic to the homes of your living room through the character of Olaf.

For those who may not be caught up with the magical snowman, Olaf was brought to life in the first Frozen film and, by the film’s end, cherishes in the lesson of true love through his new found friends. By the second Frozen film Olaf wrestles with the struggle of growing older and the changes that come along with that change. By the end of the film, and after his brief death, he finds a new wonder and fascination with the world as he finds beauty in that change and the fleeting nature of life.

It is fitting, then, for Disney to craft a story around Olaf’s love for change with a quick minute long short titled “Sunrise.”

The short film features Olaf sitting on the shores of the fjords of Arendalle with a bucket of popcorn. As Olaf munches on some popcorn, the sun rises above the shores of the fjord. And as the sun reaches its height, spreading its rays into the fjord, Olaf dramatically pops open his sunglasses and places them on his carrot nose. Olaf claps, and congratulates the sun with an excited “well done!”

While the short film was probably something to lift the spirits for little girls, for me, a 23 year-old man, it was something more. For me it was almost a reminder to enjoy the little things in life and that although our lives have come to a grinding halt, the world around us, nature is still ever changing.

It also reminded me I can enjoy the flowers blooming, the smell of petricor, and the rising sun from the safety of my room. It’s made me hopeful that although times might be grim now, the sun will always set, and there’ll always be a new day to start fresh.

Good job, Disney.

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