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So There is Some Good News

As a result of the stopping of human activity in developed countries, the European Space Agency has been able to show how nitrogen dioxide has decreased across the planet in time-delayed photography from space. While this of course won’t solve the impending climate change crisis, we are giving Mother Earth a bit of a break, and the planet appears to be thankful.

In Venice, Italy, the complete lack of gondolas in the canals has allowed fish to return and literally swarm the water. Dolphins have also returned. The water is crystal clear and blue, but Italians warn that that is a result of the lack of sediment being disturbed and not the lack of pollution.

Various businesses and artists have tried to offer some bonuses to keep us entertained and engaged such as Disney +’s early release of Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, or even the VOD release of Cats, Invisible Man, The Hunt, Emma and Birds of Prey. In addition to these film treats, New Yo