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So, You’re Self-Quarantined. Now What?

With the rise of the global coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are taking precautionary steps to slow down the spread of the virus, leading to millions of people stuck inside with family members and significant others.

So what’s there to do?

One of the easiest things to do right now with your significant other is kick up your feet, snuggle together (of course after washing your hands), and do some binge watching on some streaming networks. If you don’t have an account, most do free trials. Though if you need it to last, do it in the order of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, as Netflix has a 30-day free trial while Hulu and Disney+ each have only a one-week free trial.

With the vast variety of shows to watch, allow me to offer you a few of my personal favorite. From Netflix I’d definitely recommend Schitt’s Creek, a comedy show that follows the lives of socialites who have fallen from grace and lose everything but a small, hick town they own. They’re forced to move in to their only asset. The show moves from a small-time comedy show to an impactful and emotional one, with thoughtful commentary on family, friendship and sexuality. The show is on its sixth season, though only seasons one through five are on Netflix. If you have HBO you can watch the show’s newest season which comes out every Tuesday.

If you get the Disney+ free trial there’s literally endless possibilities you can watch, from classical princess movies, to the Lizzy McGuire show, to the recently released Frozen 2. With the news of schools closing in New York City, and the eventual close of schools across the nation, kids will also be stuck at home with you so there’s enough on Disney+ to keep them busy.

However if you’re a Star Wars fan, I’d recommend Star Wars the Clone Wars, as the new season seven just came out three weeks ago and is being released weekly. It is also a good show to watch with kids, if you have any.

Luckily, liquor stores are also not being rushed like super markets are, so you can take a trip down to your local liquor store and stock up on some wine and maybe pick up some snacks.

Something a little simpler that only requires pen and paper that’s fun for everyone is a writing workshop I discovered in college. The rules are simple. Get a pen and paper and a timer. Set it for five minutes. For those five minutes you write as much as a story as you can before the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out you pass your story to the person to the left. They have two minutes to read the story and get their bearings on what they want to write. Then you start the five-minute timer. Repeat until your story makes it all the way back to you. It’s easy, fun, and gets a lot of laughs and you never really know where it’s going. If you’re playing with just your significant other you can obviously increase the timer.

For something that’s more for the adults there are some easy and fun drinking games that don’t require much thinking.

There’s the classic game of Kings, which most people know how to play. If you don’t, the rules are simple. You get a stack of cards, remove the jokers, and put the cards in a circle on the table, and then you draw a card. Each card has a rule to follow. Two is you (you pick someone to drink; three is me (the person who drew the card drinks; four is floor (everyone points to the floor, the last person to point drinks); five is guys (guys drink); six is chicks (women drink); seven is heaven (everyone points to the ceiling, last one to point drinks); eight is date (choose someone to drink with you every time you drink); nine is rhymes (everyone rhymes); ten is categories; Jack is never have I ever; Queen is question master (every time the question master asks a question and someone answers they have to drink); and king is a rule (person makes up a rule and if you don’t follow said rule they have to drink).

It’s a fun game that’s quick, social, and get’s everyone drunk pretty quickly. Time flies and you’re distracted for a time.

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