Mike Bloomberg’s Daughter is a YA Author

March 8, 2020


She’s one of us!


And she love horses.


Actually Wikipedia describes her as a professional equestrian, so it’s no surprise that she writes young adult horse-loving romances


Thirty-seven year-old Georgina Bloomberg is Mike Bloomberg’s youngest daughter and the owner of the equestrian team New York Empire, as well as a professional equestrian, and the co-author of four young adult novels about the girls of a horse racing team.


In a 2011 article in the New York Times, the paper makes no secret from where the author’s family inspiration in the novel comes: “In The A Circuit, a young-adult novel by Ms. Bloomberg …the father figure, Rick Aaronson, is a blunt-talking Wall Street billionaire who lives in a Manhattan town house and ‘owns half of New York.’ His older daughter, Callie, is an Ivy League graduate with a passion for politics. And his younger daughter, Thomasina, or Tommi, is an award-winning equestrian who chafes at her father’s expectations of a traditional career.”


The first book in the A-Circuit series was dedicated to Bloomberg’s mother, Susan, who divorced her father in in 1993. The books are published by Bloomsbury.


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