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Good Girls Returns!

There are very few network shows worth watching now when it seems that anything angsty and cutting edge is on a streaming channel you have to pay for, or on a cable channel, but NBC’s Good Girls is a suburban mom’s Breaking Bad that you will be addicted to (if you aren’t already). The third season just started on Sunday, February 16th, and you can binge the first and second season on Netflix right now.

The set up is pretty simple—three suburban moms (two of whom are sisters who love and hate each other) find themselves in the extremely awkward position of needing a lot of money for a variety of reasons (cheating, extravagant husband; daughter needs an expensive medical treatment; being sued for custody in a up-coming divorce), so they decide to pull off a heist that leads them down the rabbit hole of working for the local Detroit gang (they stole the gang’s money and have to pay it back). That’s the first season which ends with the ever-so-hot gang leader Rio (Manny Montana) in the home of Beth, the mother of four (played by the fabulous Christina Hendricks). Rio holds a loaded gun in his hand and informs her that she needs to shoot her loser/liar husband.

In the second season, Beth turns the tables on her cheating husband, and what she thinks is Rio, only to have a brief torrid affair with him (so WHAT!!!) and then finds the FBI is on their tail and wants her to turn on Rio and her friends. The second season ends with the FBI agent captured by Rio, and Beth having to decide who to kill. She shoots Rio.

So you can see why I am eager to see what the new season has to offer?

The trailer for the third season (see below) leads viewers to believe that Rio isn’t dead.

So this is Good Girls Gone Bad (but with hearts of Gold.)

Unlike Breaking Bad, there’s a lot of really great female humor in this show, which is so obviously written by a woman (Jenna Bans).

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