Are You Ready for a Momcation?

January 27, 2020


In the 1960’s when mom-life was too much to handle, The Rolling Stones gave us “Mother’s Little Helper,” but times have certainly changed and now overworked moms are taking “momcations,” according to a recent article in The Washington Post.


Momcations are luxury spa hotel stays with junk food, cocktails, bubble baths and binge watching. One woman in The Post article explained that she takes a “momcation” every Mother’s Day and on her birthday (Jane Fonda’s character in Grace and Frankie mentioned that she did this on Mother’s Day too, so it’s not that new, I guess). Some of the mom’s interviewed even managed to get an entire week’s momcation (that’s run-away-mom to me).


The Post also mentioned that there are now blogs and Facebook pages to lure mom-voyage money, as well as a list of destinations from hiking trails and yoga retreats to cruises. There’s a “Magical Momcation” excursion to Bora Bora that runs $8,900.


Of course, not all of us can afford that kind of momcation, but all day at the local Korean spa (that’s Spa Castle in Queens for me) on a winter weekday when everyone is at school has always been my momcation.  I guess I was ahead of my time.

Here’s the Washington Post article, if you want to look up that Bora Bora trip.


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